Citizens’ Inquiry on Crash at Swanson Avenue (9:45 PM Yesterday)


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Havasu Scanner Feed had a system shut down last night which caused the live-feed to go offline and the archive to stop recording. An inquiry by citizens on the Facebook Page “Havasu Orchids and Onions News and Improved” prompted us to write to PD to inquire further about the incident. This is the response we received:

“At 9:45 PM yesterday, there was Single vehicle collision at Swanson Ave. and Acoma Blvd. S. The vehicle was first called in as an intoxicated driver. The driver, Natale Stellerine (78), was travelling E/B on Swanson Ave. at a high rate of speed and struck the dirt embankment at the intersection. This caused the vehicle to launch approx. 120 feet and roll over. Ofc. Plunkett was in the area and saw the dust from the collision. Upon arrival, the driver was hanging out of the window, not responsive and bleeding from the mouth. Alcohol may be a factor in the crash. Sgt. Sloma was notified of the circumstances and responded to the scene to assist. Stellerine was flown to Sunrise Hospital with extensive spinal injuries.”

No cop cars were hit, reports Sgt. Troy Stirling from the Lake Havasu City Police Department, who continued “One of the patrol cars, while sitting parked near the accident scene last night, blew a radiator hose and was smoking and had to be towed away last night.” — This is believed to be the incident that people are confusing with a police car being hit.