Child Locked in Vehicle

Posted on Monday, May 16th, 2016 at 9:12 AM

At 8:39 AM Fire Department were dispatched to Calvary – McCulloch Campus for a report of a 3-year-locked in the vehicle. FD requested locksmith respond to the location. at 8:52 AM FD cancelled the locksmith as they were able to help get the child out of the car.

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15 comments on “Child Locked in Vehicle”

    • Derek Engstrom Reply

      Sometimes there is a more rational approach to life’s problems other than just smashing things. Such as in this case fire department opening a car door.

    • Jeremy Gordon Reply

      They would break the door. The fire department isn’t going to take it easy on your door when there is someone’s life on the line. Besides the fire department called for a lock smith. I’m not waiting for a lock smith.

    • Josh Hoffmier Reply

      Carry a small piece of ceramic from a spark plug or a carbide tip glass breaker. You’d be surprised how tough automotive glass is.

  1. Kyle Reply

    Anyone check the temperature at 8:30am? This was not life-threatening. Good job to Mom & Dad to call 911, who assessed the situation and then CALLED A LOCKSMITH. : )

  2. Kyle Reply

    Locksmith was cancelled too! No drama here.
    Keep looking! ; )


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