Call on Papago Drive + Thunderbolt/Apache

Wednesday at around 3 PM officers responded to the 1700 block of Papago Drive – RP reporting that male subject has a Rugger, two machetes, and 10 knives. Threatening her with the weapons. They are the only two in the residence. Male subject inside the garage. RP is advising male subject is raging right now. RP has advised that if she attempts to leave the residence he will shoot her / she has locked herself in the bedroom. She does have a knife on her.

RP advised dispatch “you’re about to hear him get killed and has to go” – dispatch attempted to keep her on the line.

Male subject now aware she is on the phone. RP believes he has now started his vehicle.

The female has exited the residence and made contact with the officers.

The RP then received a text from the male stating that he was near AM/PM. An officer in that area was attempting to locate him there. No contact.

Several phone calls were attempted with negative results. SWAT was then called to the residence. Entry was made by SWAT team after the robot was thrown through a window PD broke, to search the house with negative results.

The male subject my have exited the residence after he saw officers entering Papago.

SWAT then entered the house and was unable to locate the male subject.

This morning (Thursday 7/16) officers received the Hot Call for a Stolen Vehicle, which was taken by the suspect in this case. Officers went into the area as quickly as possible, and notified adjoining law enforcement agencies – with negative contact.

This evening, officers located the stolen vehicle in the area of Thunderbolt and Apache where they setup on and made their plans. Once the suspect was in sight, officers quickly moved in and apprehended the suspect. The vehicle has been towed back to the Police Department to search for evidence in the case.

Officers are wrapping up their investigations at the Thunderbolt/Apache address now.

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