Burglary Just Occurred

Posted on Friday, March 25th, 2016 at 10:47 AM

1000 block of Clearwater Court – RP is advising that her daughter broke into her residence and attempted to steal medication. Officers have been advised to be on the lookout for 27-year-old Amber Springman, described as 5’1″ with Brown Hair, known to carry a knife and therefore considered Armed and Dangerous. The suspect left the residence in an older style Green Chevy with a silver toolbox in the back.

Suspect is wanted for a Warrant in a Theft Case.

If you see this vehicle contact Lake Havasu City Police at (928) 855-4111.


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10 comments on “Burglary Just Occurred”

  1. Suzanne Benjamin Strader

    Does a pocket knife in AZ make you armed and dangerous or does she carry some other kind of knife?

  2. Amber Springman

    So to all of u who read shit like this and apparently don’t realize that these post are half ass reports done by asshole cops who seem to go out of there way to make people look bad who have had trouble making the right choices. I’ll start by saying I DID NOT break into my mother’s house to steal her meds I went to her boyfriend’s house to pick up some items I left there when i moved out. I let the home owner know I was coming by and the garage door was left open and my items were left out on the counter for me. My mother was the only one who wasn’t aware I was stopping by and as far as I knew she was in rehab. I was not running from anyone I got a phone call from an officer saying he needed to talk to me and I went and met with him right away because I had nothing to hide because I did nothing wrong. Suzanne apparently a regular knife does make me armed and dangerous I am also not a felon so I am legally allowed to carry a gun. Mary as I stated no one had to catch me I never ran I went to them to straighten this out and Ron and jessi Lee I don’t know you so plz explain what u mean by poor children?? LHPD why don’t u tell the whole story instead of doing ur jobs half ass and making people look bad that don’t deserve it.

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