Brush Fire

Posted on Saturday, March 31st, 2018 at 10:16 PM

Fire reported near body beach. Growing quickly


LHFD: Recall, respond for a brush fire at body beach 189 Park Ave, all off duty personnel report to assisgned station.


Rotary being evacuated


Skate Park evacuated.  Please avoid the area.

“Fire Under Control / Contained” at 11:23 PM



Body beach is reopened as of April 1st


7 comments on “Brush Fire”

  1. Nj Hishcan Reply

    sound like a California wildfire caused buy the homless/reckless, one way of ridden the homeless that have made a mess there for years now,

    • BreAuna Friesen Reply

      Your evil they could’ve died and I was homeless down there too you act if sometimes have a roof over your head is a choice body was home for they homeless the cops respected that others respect that and I respect that because sometimes there is no home to go to besides a bed or a blanket out on the dirt under the stars

  2. Dee Reply

    Many people wondering how we can help the homeless put out by this fire… can anyone suggest a place to donate?


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