Boating Accident

Boating Accident involving 6 3 patients. CPR in progress on a male patient that went into the water unconscious.. a female also being transported who was unconscious but breathing.

South of contact point, MCSO assisting with the call.

L.E. took patients to contact point.

Updated to 3 patients.

1st Desert Storm event staff  divers in the water at 12:40 PM.

2nd Desert Storm event staff Diver in the water.

Both divers up at 12:46 pm.

Divers back down at 12:49 pm.

Two patients were transported at 12:49 pm.

Divers resurfacing.


1 male subject pronounced deceased.  A Male, and a Female are listed as in critical condition.



A post on River Daves Place reports the driver as being Brad Kloepfer.

Information we received was Paul Selberg.

The boat was recovered from the lake bottom by a local salvage company. The boat was identified as the
M35 (35 foot) Wide Body DCB known as “Lickity Split”. The deceased were identified as Brad Kloepfer, 57
from Lake Havasu City, who was operating the watercraft, and Paul Selberg, 69 of Lake Havasu City, who
was a passenger. The female passenger was identified as Connie Davis Kloepfer, 58 of Lake Havasu City.
Initial investigations showed that all the occupants were wearing life jackets and the operator was wearing
his safety kill switch. High speeds were a contributing factor in this crash. The case is still under
investigation. Our thoughts are with the family and those affected by this incident.


Connie was not able to air lifted to Las Vegas due to her condition.


Hi, just sharing some latest news from Connie:

Connie was airlifted to Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, best place for brain and spine surgery. She has multiple injuries and still needs our prayers.