Boating Accident


Posted on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 at 4:28 PM

At approximately 2:22 pm Lake Havasu City Fire Department was dispatched to the area of Windsor after MCSO received a mayday distress call and report of a boating accident in the area.

Several engines accompanied by a Battalion Chief were advised of a patient on board the MCSO boat that was unconscious and unresponsive with difficulty breathing with Minor injuries.

Due to unknown information on the situation, another 3 ambulances were dispatched, Native Air and ER were placed on standby.

Emergency personnel reviewed word of a boat that had made contact with a pontoon boat.

The fire boat made contact with three other patients – 1 which refused medical treatment. The other two were brought to the dock for Transport by ambulance.


UPDATE : This incident involved the tour jetboat with 33 occupants on board including the captain vs. a pontoon with three passengers. Both were going opposite directions at a high rate of speed when the pontoon made a sudden turn and T-bone the jet boat. The female was last listed in critical and stable condition and flown to Las Vegas. The second passenger had lacerations and was seen at Havasu Regional. The third occupant of the pontoon refused medical. The last person transported was an off duty firefighter from an outside county who was on board the tour boat who was assisting the medical needs of the others and experienced a heat related issue and was transported.