Boating Accident

Posted Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 at 10:05 AM

Lake Havasu City Fire Department responding to Black Meadow Landing for a boating accident with a report of three subjects that are injured, picked up by other boaters.

Battalion Chief requesting San Bernardino County Fireboat as well as Buckskin Fire respond to the call as well.

1 Patient is being transported to Contact Point.

Battalion Chief advised by dispatch one subject has a shoulder injury.

Battalion Chief on scene at Contact Point, one of the Engines on scene is advising all three patients have arrived at Contact Point from Steamboat.

Engine is now advising they only have one of three patients, others are en route to Black Meadow.

Battalion Chief advising he has contact with San Bernardino Police and Fire on the radio,

Engine advising the third patient coming in will be the worst of all three, and will need a Trauma Alert Activation at the hospital.

Dispatch advising 1 patient possibly going to Havasu Marina. ย Battalion Chief is hearing conflicting information and asking an officer to go to Havasu Marina to await and update if there is an arrival.

Fireboat is advising Battalion Chief that all three patients have arrived at Contact Point.

Fire Department personnel advising all three patients will be transported with Trauma Alert Activation.

Mohave County Sheriffs confirming all three patients are at contact point.

Battalion Chief requesting two additional ambulances to respond to contact point.


Fire Crew Advising, “Boaters made hard turn to avoid a jetski when they were ejected from the boat. ย They did not make contact with the jetski.ย Copper Canyon may have a second incident going on.”


Battalion Chief advising they will take one additional ambulance, RMI can cancel the 2nd additional (total two ambulances on this call).

One patient has been transported to Havasu Regional Medical Center by Ambulance CODE 3 (lights/sirens).

River Medical is cancelling the 2nd and 3rd ambulance.




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54 comments on “Boating Accident”

    • Gary Mcmurray Reply

      How do you know it was the JetSki’s fault maybe the boat was going to fast and didn’t see the Jetski boats flying down this leg have no consideration for the people that are going slower than them

    • Whitney Coleman Reply

      I was going by what the report said. If you read it….
      I’ve also been on a boat several times when we get cut off by people on skis. It’s a general statement as well because it’s something I’ve personally been through & it’s annoying. We can’t stop on a dime to miss you when you do it.

    • Rhianna Newcomb Reply

      We were down at the beach swimming on fathers day and this lady on a wave runner almost hit my hubby and his friend TWICE in the same area… If i would’ve had my jet ski it would not have been pretty and I’m sure I’d be sitting in jail right now for dragging her to the beach by her hair.

    • Whitney Coleman Reply

      I’ve definitely seen a lot of reckless behavior on skis. I love jet skis & plan on owning some too! But I won’t be acting irresponsibly on them or causing accidents. I’m going to watch for boats because I know they can’t just slam on breaks & stop for me. It becomes MY responsibility to be the safe driver.

      • Danyelle Reply

        There’s been plenty of times where the “idiot” boaters have cut her skiers off…food for thought

    • Rhianna Newcomb Reply

      Exactly! When I’m riding my ski I am always aware of my surroundings and I follow the rules of the water.. Plus I never ride near swimmers, unless I’m pulling up to the beach but I usually kill it and coast in…

    • Marie Garrigue Reply

      The larger vessel always has the right of way. In my 20 years of boating I’ve never seen an incident. It’s also highly unlikely as the boater was there one who made the hard turn. If the jet ski was the one attempting to avoid an accident they would have taken off the throttle approaching the boat. While it’s possible the jet ski operator was purely innocent, in my 20 years on the water I’ve never seen that be the case.

      • Jim Joubert Reply

        The boat crossing on your starboard (right) side has the right of way. It’s up to the other boat to avoid the vessel with the right of way. One reason we have these kind of accidents is most of the boat operators don’t know the rules

  1. Jeanette Burkett Reply

    Paying attention #1 just because there’s no lanes doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow safe driving rules! Prayers for the injured.

  2. Mike Loomis Reply

    This boat buzzed by us this morning around Copper Canyon doing well over a 100mph it was moving quick. Hope everyone is ok.

  3. Candace Rowse Reply

    & slow down a bit. There’s no speed limit on the water ways. I’d much rather cruise along, then just be gone.
    Prayers for all involved

  4. Liz Sheehy Reply

    I think everyone needs to slow down on the lake. A lot of high speed hard turns causing accidents. Slow down everyone. I hope everyone makes it!

  5. Laura Lombardi MacDougal Reply

    From what I read these guys in the boat were wearing vest , had kill switch & on the lake on a week day following the rules .. these boats are made to go 100+ mph and they were playing by the rules .. not everyone does but seems they were.
    Same in Glamis.. I see quads flying in front of buggies .. end result not good.. it’s not the buggies fault.. they are made to go fast , common sense that you don’t cut in front of it.

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