Boat Sunk This Past Weekend

Posted on Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 at 4:28 PM

Courtesy of the Mohave County Sheriffs Department:

One of the boats that sunk this past weekend.  This area is off of the Windsor launch ramp.  Apparently, the boat, a 2007 Tige, was coming into the no wake zone near Windsor when the boat rapidly slowed down and began to take on waves over the bow.  The driver attempted to accelerate forward at a high rate of speed, thereby causing the boat’s bow to submerge further.  The boat eventually sunk and was recovered by a local salvage company. 

65 comments on “Boat Sunk This Past Weekend”

  1. Tascha Vingochea Reply

    I’m not trying to start a feud with my question. I am just curious if there has to be any special clean up done when these boats sink? Does fuel and oil leak out?

      • Shylo Reply

        Freak accidents happen sorry about the boat. Mine sank last year on the 4th of July during the freak storm while it was morned at crazy horse… Thats why we have insurance!! Glad everyone is okay…


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