Boat collision on Wednesday

Posted on Friday, September 21st, 2018 at 6:16 PM

On Wednesday (9/19) at approximately 12:30 PM, Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Division of Boating Safety responded to a two vessel collision on Lake Havasu, near Chalk Cliffs. Upon arrival, one vessel was found to be upside down in the water, and its occupants were on board of another boat. It was determined that two 10 foot rigid hull inflatable boats had collided while traveling at approximately 15 miles per hour. The collision caused one boat to flip, ejecting both of its occupants into the water. Both occupants of the boat that flipped were wearing life jackets, and were able to be pulled from the water into a Good Samaritan’s boat. Because of the life jackets that were worn and the quick actions of a Good Samaritan, all involved escaped injury.

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9 comments on “Boat collision on Wednesday”

  1. John Reply

    In the middle of the day they could not see each other something just not right with these people it’s a wide lake how could you not see each other? Stange indeed!!!

  2. Jen Reply

    Why are there so many accidents on this lake!! Need more regulations instead of worrying about people not coming to town

  3. JackDWhite Reply

    More regulations isn’t the answer. People have to abide by the laws we already have.

  4. K. Reply

    Absolutely correct. The laws on the water almost identically reflect road laws. Stay to the right and slow down when there are markers telling you to do so. Other than common sense, that’s about it.

  5. Cheryl Reply

    Don’t need more regulations. The first thing thinking boaters learn is to go right. If both boats approaching each other went right, they’d never collide. I learned this at 11 before we went out on my dad’s homemade wooden boat. I still have that boat and it was recently rehabbed.

  6. BB Reply

    Looks like the Rubba Duck tour boats. Seems like they were maybe playing chicken or bumper boats with them. Rubba Duck tour boats require occupants to have life vests on.


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