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Mohave County Sheriff’s Waterways deputies responded to a single boat accident in the North Basin early Saturday (4/25) afternoon. Approximately 12:35 p.m., deputies responded to the scene of where a 19-foot boat flipped over and ejected the operator, the only occupant. Dispatch advised that the reporting party said a boat flipped. Upon arrival, deputies observed a green pickle fork type boat that was underwater with only the front forks sticking up out of the water. Deputies contacted occupants of a nearby boat. The occupants witnessed the boat flip and they helped the operator Chad Zeman, 23, of Lake Havasu City, out of the water. Zeman was not wearing a life jacket. Zeman advised that he just left a local beach and was traveling straight ahead at about 50 miles per hour when the boat suddenly flipped over. Zeman further advised that he went underwater when he was ejected, but he was able to swim to the surface where he was helped onto the witnesses’ boat. Zeman was transported to the Windsor Beach launch ramp where he was treated for minor cuts and scrapes. The boat was salvaged from the water by a local salvage company. This accident remains under investigation and alcohol doesn’t appear to be a factor. The choppy water may be a factor. This accident was not related or involved with the Desert Storm Boat Race.

Boat flipped on Lake Havasu