Boat Accident

Posted on Sunday, August 6th, 2017 at 9:24 PM

Emergency Personnel en route to Windsor Beach for a Boat Accident. San Bernardino is en route with a patient. One patient is unconscious and unresponsive, CPR is in progress at this time.

Possible second patient. Second ambulance requested.

FD reporting one patient is critical.

Third ambulance requested (responding from Parker)

1 Patient has a pelvic fracture.

Third ambulance now en route.

Patient 4 and 5 are en route to the hospital.

BC advising the first ambulance left at 9:50 PM with patients.

6 Patients: 1 refusal, 1 Deceased on Arrival.

Third ambulance with one patient and one firefighter EMT on board.

Update from River Medical Supervisor on the scene (at 10:04 PM):

9 Patients: 1 patient DOA, 4 transport, 3 refusals.

Ambulance 1 left with patients 4 & 5

Ambulance 2 left with patient 2

Ambulance 3 left with patient 3

No transport for Patient 1 (DOA)

(HSF unsure about the 9th subject)

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11 comments on “Boat Accident”

  1. Robin sanchez Reply

    Looks like it happened close to casino. I can see the blue police lights from my home

    • Judy Reply

      Casino? As in Havasu landing? This says near Windsor. This is very sad. I wonder what happened? Full moon so not extremely dark.


    This is tragic. Happening way to often on our lake. Gods Blessings to all involved. Prayers for the deceased and the injured.

  3. Cherie Reply

    This has been a horrible year for accidents on the lake. So sad for everyone involved.

  4. Laurah Reply

    AZ Registered Decal. So sad, hopefully all the rest of the injured recover from their injuries.


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