Boat Accident  #2

Posted on Saturday, September 24th, 2016 at 4:15 PM

Another boat accident reported at Steamboat Cove

Emergency personnel are responding 

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27 comments on “Boat Accident  #2”

  1. M Reply

    So glad I answered all those survey questions to learn nothing.

    On a positive note … Hope all involved are safe and well.

  2. Kristal Jordan Reply

    News herald just released a statement saying it is a drowning victim…person jumped in and never surfaced….prayers to family….it’s been a sad day out on the lake 😟

  3. Chrissy Reply

    I’m confused… Is this a boating accident or someone drowning from jumping in???

  4. Peggy Reply

    We called 911 for this incident. Pontoon boat and they threw a bunch of orange life preservers over and we saw them and approached in our boat. All people on pontoon and just yelled “he jumped in and has not come up in 10 minutes” they were sitting and standing and a few were very upset. We called 911 and reported it was bouy 114. Mohave sheriff boat arrived first, we left and saw Rescue arriving soon after but, ten minutes and no sign – not good. In cove and somewhat calm area so just strange. All people on board were late 20’s or early 30’s. Very sad. I would head guy hit head or something because they were really in the cove area and no other way for something other then natural causes/head blow. I thought it was so odd that none of the men on the boat jumped in to search a little

  5. Peggy Reply

    There was another horrific accident Saturday too with another pontoon. Apparently, it flipped over and most were okay except a two year old little boy was found under the boat and blue. They were still performing cpr and he was ambulanced out. The boat was pulled out by sheriffs dept. We saw the pontoon and it was all damaged and torn apart on the trailer. Wow, nuts.


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