Big Rig Rollover on I-40 Eastbound

Posted on Monday, December 4th, 2017 at 12:51 PM

We are receiving reports that DPS is out with a big-rig rollover on I-40 in the Westbound Lanes (heading back to Havasu from Kingman). The driver and a passenger are reported to be out and walking around.  Please provide yourself extra travel time if this is within your route.

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15 comments on “Big Rig Rollover on I-40 Eastbound”

  1. Bonnie Keany Hughes Reply

    Prayers that no one is injured. Was just talking last night of all the big rig accidents lately In Arizona, and also across the country. I sure would like to see AZ laws changed for semis. Our law in AZ allows big rigs to go the same speed as a passenger vehicle, and allows them to drive in any lane on the freeways. Common sense tells you, its going to take a very long distance to stop those compared to smaller vehicles. When you have these truckers driving in the fast lanes, it either holds up traffic or creates big blind spots for the rest of us. These laws are crazy!

  2. Ryan Holck Reply

    wow your ignorant Bonnie Keany Hughes most accidents are caused by drivers like you cutting us off or not allowing enough room or taking the room we need to stop. Take a ride with a semi driver before you run your mouth

    • Bonnie Keany Hughes Reply

      Seriously, I’m ignorant? I cut truckers off? I should ride in a semi? This is not the place to get into a debate over this. An accident occured, and I’m sorry for all involved, and hope and pray no one has been injured. However I will say sir, I come from a family line of retired Teamsters. I also still have active relatives. I would never cut off a semi, as I respect truckers too much to create a scenario of putting anyone in danger, or inconveniencing them by interfering with their momentum on flat ground or hills. I practice good etiquette on the road, not only to truckers, but all that I share the road with. Yes Mr Holck, I have ridden in a semi many many times. I am aware of what the drivers deal with, so maybe just maybe, before you call someone ignorant, or getting nasty with someone, you might want to think about what your saying to that person before (as you say) you run your mouth. Have a good evening and be safe on the road.

  3. Kathy Rummler Rodgers Reply

    We have a semi and California’s 55 is worse for accidents and yes Ryan you are right, those crazies that cut off the trucks or go on the right hand side of a truck. Iv’e been in the truck and the cars do not realize the dangers of cutting in front at a slower pace . My husbands biggest grip. Cutting him off and riding on the right side of his truck.
    Falling asleep with all these companies demanding their products in impossible times is also a big factor. The clients need to do ride alongs. They just keep pushing and pushing not realizing what they are asking of the drivers.


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