Attempted Sexual Assault Suspect At Large

Posted on Saturday, July 2nd, 2016 at 11:24 PM

​On 7/2/2016, at approximately 1800 hours a suspect Franco Del Valle aka: Darwin attempted to sexually assault a female victim in the women’s restroom at Crazyhorse Campground.  Franco is described as a Hispanic male possibly from Honduras approximately 5’6″ 150lbs Dark hair/dark eyes thin built.  Last seen wearing blue shorts with a yellow stripe down the sides and no shirt

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84 comments on “Attempted Sexual Assault Suspect At Large”

  1. Tnt Reply

    Did they catch this character? Hope the female this happens to is OK.

  2. RaeAnn Renfro Reply

    Everyone needs to share this over and over. No matter if we are local or out of towners.

  3. Tanya Kozlowski Reply

    Well does anybody see anything wrong with men in a ladies bathroom yet or has this entire Nation gone mad? In plain English I don’t give a Fuk if you feel like a women or not , don’t come in a women,s bathroom or you may lose your DICK! Good going Obama, what a freakin idiot, and what bathroom are your daughters using the same bathroom as your mate Michael?

    • Liz Sheehy Reply

      This has nothing to do with transgendered using the bathroom they identify with. Additionally, this man wasn’t in the womens restroom pretending to be transgendered, I’m guessing he was hanging out with the victim all day and then followed her into the womens restroom. Don’t try and make this related to an issue that it clearly does not relate to. If you have to pee, you look like a lady, you identify as a lady and are living as a lady use the womens restroom. Funny how nobody cares that “women” who identify as men will be using the men’s restroom, nobody’s making a stink about that. If you’re worried about your kids, go to the restroom with them, we have always taken our kids to public restrooms, we don’t send them by their selves, it’s called responsible parenting.

    • Tanya Kozlowski Reply

      Liz Sheehy If humans with penises would use the penis room we wouldn’t have to worry about things like this! This world has gone to hell no more morals or values. I bet you wouldn’t feel the same if this happened to you. Well there you have it another stupid person. Penises don’t belong in the Vagina Room!

    • Tanya Kozlowski Reply

      I have plenty of gay friends and they use the correct bathroom according to their anatomy, they at least have a brain, and agree with me penises in the penis room vagina in the vagina room!

    • Michelle Bowes Reply

      Thank you, Liz! Someone in this town with a brain. Not to mention, if someone wants to sexually assault you, they will find a way. A bathroom has nothing to do with it. If you are truly afraid of this happening to you or you kids, take self defense classes, sing your kids up for them. But this has absolutely nothing to do with being transgendered. You’re fear mongering, Tonya.

    • Tanya Kozlowski Reply

      yeah thats it Ladies lets see what grown women could protect herself with her pants down. Have another cup of Stupid. Why the hell do you think the bathrooms were segregated to begin with?

    • Michelle Bowes Reply

      You do realize that bathrooms in countless countries are unisex and have no issue? And who uses a public bathroom without closing the stall door? Id ask who it is that’s been drinking the stupid but I don’t think your IQ could or lack of common sense get much lower

    • Michelle Bowes Reply

      But keep regurgitating that irrelevant, bullshit, hateful shit Fox News spews, I see it’s served you well. Why don’t you go picket a Target.

    • Tanya Kozlowski Reply

      This is not another country this is the USA. Again why do you think the bathrooms were segregated to begin with? Why are all you young people so anything goes? Why do you think we have the problems we have today? What are you doing to help with the problems?

    • Liz Sheehy Reply

      Tanya Kozlowski you’re the one who drank the cup of stupid in the first place. Do you know any transgendered people? You can’t even tell some folks are transgendered unless they tell you. It must really be awful to have such a narrow narrow mind and thought process. Also have you ever used a public bathroom, you aren’t sitting in a restroom with your pants down in the open air, there is a stall door that is closed, if an assult were to happen it wouldn’t be when you’re sitting down dropping a duece, it’d be when you’re fully clothed walking out of the stall. Also if a person wants to rape you, they’ll do it anywhere that is convenient for them, in a restroom, behind a trash can, in a bush, on the beach, where ever they feel you’re the most vulnerable, statically, tgey are not going to try and pretend that they are transgendered, walk into a rstroom, kick down your stall door, you know since your pants are already off with your logic, and rape you on the toliet…I don’t live in Havasu anymore, which I’m pretty thankful for now because my facial expressions would indicate to you how dense you really are, I do however live in a huge city with a huge gay and transgendered community, most of my neighbors in fact were gay or transgendered and we felt perfectly safe with them as our neighbors and if I ran into them in a public bathroom, I wouldn’t be mad about it. Why do you think blacks and whites were segregated, hmmmm, because of barrow minded people like you. Restroom segregation actually occurred because of anxieties for women entering the work force, not to prevent rapes, So what was that again about a class of stupid, I think you’ve had too many.

    • Tanya Kozlowski Reply

      That’s right there is the difference I am an adult and you girls are just that girls, you want to give up your privacy and put yourselves in a dangerous situation be my guest this is why the USA is going to pot. Because people are so messed up they don’t know if they are a man or women, which is totally crazy and also a mental problem. They need to open the state institutions and put the people with mental disorders away to protect the innocent from them. Jeez it’s like a virus anymore. Well the end of times is near and my children are grown so I don’t have to worry about them , they can take care of themselves. You young girls I feel sorry for because you just don’t know how to even avoid a bad situation. Bathrooms are not considered a safe place to begin with in fact it is the perfect place to commit a crime. Also not all bathrooms in the USA have doors on their stalls.

    • Liz Sheehy Reply

      Tanya Kozlowski I’m calling false on your IQ making my head spin off, also book smarts and common sense are two different things, restrooms weren’t segregated to prevent sexual assaults, they were separated because women were entering the work force, considered the weaker link and had anxieties about sharing public restrooms since their place was in the home and they never experienced shared restrooms before. Maybe next time BEFORE you think you know what you’re talking about with your narrow mind and thought process and your extremely high IQ, you should do some research and find the real reason restrooms were segregated, not just why YOU think they were segregated. If you truly had an IQ that would make my head spin, you’d have FACTS about why bathrooms were segregated, not THOUGHTS or OPINIONS on why. I was raised by a lady with an extremely high IQ that truly would make your head spin off to be open minded, loving and caring for all. If you’ve got to pee, just pee, I don’t care what toilet it is or where said toliet is…and you’re right we aren’t other countries and this is the crazy ignorant USA where rapist get three months in county jail becayse any more time will ruin their life, who cares about the victim right, their life wasn’t ruined and they aren’t permanently traumatized or anything.

    • Bonny Toy Reply

      I think ALL MEN should be banned from using the restrooms anymore! The restroom issue is all men’s fault. Men are to scared to go to the men’s room because men might beat them up! Because a man is too scared to go to the Men’s Room he is Now allowed to hide in the women’s restroom. I say ban Men from the restrooms and be done with it….. lol

    • Jenae Hernandez Reply

      lmfao don’t waste your breath Liz. She’s obviously an idiot. Hey Liz! It’s been a while. Let’s meet up at Target for coffee? Maybe we can pee there before we leave. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ dumb asses. Trans people have been around long before this law came into place. Where do you think they have been using the restroom? Also, I’m glad your children are adults too. I would hate being a kid and having a whack job for a mom with a mentality like this.

    • Liz Sheehy Reply

      Also your IQ really can’t be that high if you post a notice about the government not having your permission to monitor your social media accounts or your Web browsing, they’re the government, they do whatever whenever they want whether it’s legal or not, the give zero sh*ts about having permission…

    • Tanya Kozlowski Reply

      I know many gay men that use the mens room and same thing with women , but I will not give up my right to privacy because of people with mental problems and young women that get off seeing this kind of crap. In fact my gay friends have spoke about this and they support the right to use the bathroom that matches their antomy

    • Liz Sheehy Reply

      Tanya Kozlowski I’m not a little girl nor is Jenae, we’ve actually had life experience and education, it appears you have not. I’m a grown women with an open mind, not a closed mind…

    • Christopher Zickefoose Reply

      Pretty sure he didn’t care about the sign on the woman’s bathroom, as all creeps like this do not care about the laws. Has nothing to do with trans or Obama, but good effort to shoehorn your agenda into an unrelated issue.

    • Tanya Kozlowski Reply

      Liz Sheehy That privacy notice is for people like you, I know what our government is capable of, I lived on this earth long enough to see we made it threw many many wars and also hand fed our vets, that fought for us to have the freedoms we have , only to see that the new anything goes generation take our freedom and rights away, with anything goes state of mind. People with penises belong in the penis room vagina’s belong in the vagina room. End of story! Until I see Obama’s girls in a public bathroom with men then I will keep my mouth shut. Since Obama’s ruling there has been a uprise of crime in the women’s public bathrooms all across the USA. He is one of the worse presidents we have had. In fact I feel he is responsible for all the bathroom attacks because of his anything goes attitude. I feel bad for the police these days putting their life on the line for people they don’t even know, to try to serve and protect, in a world full of people with mental disorders.

  4. Holly Kae Hartline Reply

    It isn’t a transgender issue, it’s an issue of the permission being granted and pervs like this guy abusing the right. How can people not see this?

  5. Painterz Reply

    I hope they catch him! What a pig! How freighting for the female, I pray she is ok.

  6. Charnell Bacon Reply

    Holly people do see this. This is why it shouldn’t be granted because we don’t know who has bad intentions.Also because it’s not ok that my daughter has to share a locker room with a trans and feel uncomfortable. A lot of reasons. Not thinking all trans are perverts.

    • Holly Kae Hartline Reply

      I’m just so sick of people jumping to the conclusion we are attacking transgenders rights…it isnt the issue. The issue is exactly what happened here. Bad people taking advantage of the “protection” they will be granted by being able to use whatever bathroom they please. Your comment makes me happy-it’s good to know there are logical people left on the planet.

      • Jackie Reply

        Also agree, why all the talk about transgender and bathrooms that is not even the issue, the guy isn’t transgender so why bring it up…… Just catch the loser.

    • Tanya Kozlowski Reply

      Seems to be, in the profile is a pic of the high school you can see it for yourself Crossmans mountain is plain as day! same ears, same face, Im sure the PD has picked up on it by now. I hope they catch him before he does anyone more harm. Go threw his pictures

  7. Gwen Wells Reply

    Tanya Kozlowski, Boy you bring new meaning to narrow minded people. Transgenders have been using our restrooms for years it just hasn’t been out in the news! Most transgenders you can’t even tell! They go into the stalls and close their doors and NO they DO NOT look over, under or through the spaces to watch you pee!

  8. Feminism is stage 4 cancer Reply

    Gwen, or is it really Glen? Please stop making excuses for people with mental illness.
    Just like you have chromosomes in your body that make you retarded, we all have chromosomes that dictate wether we should have a penis or a vagina. Nothing will ever change that, end of story, much like you being retarded.

  9. Sean Brown Sr. Reply

    I gave this SOB two bottles of water and $9 the other night when he stopped by the X! Gave me a sob story about how he was stuck here and was looking for the Greyhound Station. He was crying, so I felt bad and told him I’d get him some water and a little cash to help him out. Damn I got played!

  10. Amanda Nelson Reply

    Sad story..4 to 5 yrs ago maybe even longer, a little boy was with his family at the beach I believe in California , they were there all day having a good time. The little boy had to use restroom and so mother walked him to restroom saw a young teen walk in as they we’re headed there.. Mother was waiting outside of restroom and son was taking awhile .. Meanwhile the young teen already walked out of the bathrooms. Mother called for her Son with no response back to her.. She went in restroom where she found her little boy stabbed to death… It doesn’t matter your gender, if something is going to happen , well it is, regardless if u have a penis or vagina. Unfortunately there are a lot of Pysco people in this world all ages and all race and most of all different genders. I think everyone lost focus about this post.. Let’s just keep an eye out for this guy cause he will return. hope the woman is ok and not mentally scared.. Always be aware of your surrounding s… Thank God for scary movies because I always check the stalls and very cautious when walking into a restroom…

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