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In the 6 PM hour, Officers combed the skate park for a call from a 14-male male subject who claims to have been assaulted by another male. Suspect known to carry weapons (firearms) on him.

Officers ran a plate for a matching vehicle at Lin’s Little China, and provided Dispatch with the license plate tag information then headed back towards the skate park to attempt to contact the victim when dispatch advised the officer the plate he provided was a match for the suspect. Several officers then attempted to locate the suspect in Lins and neighboring businesses (Denny’s, Safeway) for Assault and Disorderly Conduct.

Dispatch then advised that the suspect just called into PD advising he was at 1530 El Camino at Angelina’s. Officers headed to that location. Other vehicles remained on the vehicle in case he was attempting to distract officers away from suspect vehicle.

STORY: Suspect was at the skate park and noticed fries on the ground, and told the 14-year-old to pick up the fries and when he was told no he slapped the victim, picked up the scooter and threw it into the bowl causing Damages to the scooter.

Officers located the suspect, Austin Walker, behind Angelina’s where they took him into custody and cleared the call.