* ARREST REPORT * Trespassing 2nd Degree/Disorderly Conduct – Wheeler, Stephen A. (61)

On 5/2/2013 Stephen Wheeler was arrested for Trespassing and Disorderly Conduct at 3269 Maricopa Avenue (Smoke Friendly) when he refused to leave the property and tried to force his way into the store after being told numerous times to leave by the employee.

The employee told him to leave, Wheeler gabbed the door forcing it open and tried to push past her. She tried to pull the front door closed, Wheeler kept a grip on the door and continued to open it. She told him several more times he had to leave, he could not come in and to let go of the door. Wheeler refused to leave or to let go of the door. She was using all her strength to try and close the door. She told him again to let go of the door, she told him the alarm was about to go off and the police would come. The alarm went off and startled Wheeler. Wheeler loosened his grip on the door, she was then able to close and lock the door. She stated she was very scared, and noticed other shop keepers coming out of their businesses to see what was going on. She ran to the back of the store and waited for Police to arrive.

Upon officer arrival, a struggle ensued in an attempt to handcuff Wheeler, where he was pressed against the stucco pillar trying to get his hands behind his back. The backup officer arrived on scene and ran to assist the first officer, taking Wheeler to the ground after he refused the orders and continued to pull his hands and body away. Upon search, officers located three (3) folding knives concealed. Wheeler was bleeding from a small laceration on the bridge of his nose where he had been wearing glasses prior to being taken to the ground.

Wheeler was asked his name, he refused to answer officers. They then advised him he was under arrest for Trespassing and Disorderly Conduct. One officer located Wheelers identification, which was then ran for warrants through LHCPD Dispatch, whom advised there were no warrants but an officer safety BOLO stating “Subject is anti-law enforcement and very hostile towards officers.”

The store employee stated she was not injured during the incident. Wheeler was transported to Havasu Regional Medical Center for further evaluation of his injuries and for possibly being under the influence of medications.


If further information becomes available, we will update this post.

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