ARCHIVE: Yesterday’s Neptune Drive Call

Posted on Saturday, March 12th, 2016 at 10:56 AM

Yesterday during the 4 PM Hour Lake Havasu City Police, Fire, and River Medical responded to the 1500 block of Neptune Drive for a 1-year-old was in a bathtub and was no longer breathing. CPR was in progress at time of dispatch, Police reported they were doing chest compression’s when they arrived.

The child was transported to Havasu Regional Medical Center.

We do not have any further information at this time. We will update the call as soon as we know further.

Only positive comments are encouraged due to lack of information regarding the call.

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55 comments on “ARCHIVE: Yesterday’s Neptune Drive Call”

  1. Anonymous

    Although your comment is sweet & obviously heartfelt, maybe you should not be saying this openly….maybe leave it up to the family. I know if it were me, this would be very upsetting to me.

  2. Moe Jo Angelcor

    She is not the only one to post that he didnt make it. I am sure the family can use all the heartfelt prayers and condolences

  3. Heaven Le-Anne Paige

    I honestly wish they didn’t post this because my heart is broken . He was taken care of and please no negative comments ….. You don’t know the story you don’t know he was left you don’t know !!!!!!! You don’t know anything I don’t need to hear anything .

  4. Cathy Smith

    I am going out in a limb here. It should be posted here, it will make others think before they leave their child in a tub by themselves, which should never be done. Even for a minute I don’t care what the circumstance is. The door bell, the phone, whatever. Babies depend on their parents to care for them. Pools, tubs, little blow up pools, the lake. All a danger to like ones. It never turns out good for all involved. Prayers to that little angel, taken way to early from this earth

    • Brooks Claas

      How do you know they were in the tub alone maybe a sibling was taking a bath or there was just some water left in the tub. Babies are curious and top heavy , accidents can happen in a split second. Let’s not judge because we don’t know what truly did happen

    • Cathy Smith

      Brooks Claas , it doesn’t matter. The baby still didn’t make it that’s the horrible part.

    • Mandy Marie

      Baby was in the tub with his brother. The rub was NOT plugged. Brother got out and accidently plugged it. He was only alone for a second.

    • Jenna Stopke

      Keep in mind that the mother is following this post, and out of respect for her, stop posting details about it. It doesn’t matter what you or anyone else heard about it, it’s not about you. Let the poor woman have some privacy.

    • Natalie Ball

      The last thing anyone should be doing right now is lecturing the parties involved. Have a little class!!!!!

    • Michelle Bowes

      No doctor should ever be telling you information regarding another patient. Something isn’t right there, that doctor could lose his job (and possibly his license) assuming he actually told you this.

    • Savannah Ada

      I think arguing over a post the babies mom is following and grieving over probably isn’t the best idea ladies. Take into consideration.. The doctor may have said some things but its NO ones position to publicly spread information about this situation but the mom and those involved. Why can’t we all express our condolences and keep her in our prayers. please keep that in mind its probably stressful for her to see people fighting over this. ..I hope you ladies have a lovely night ❀

  5. Lisette Mojica

    Unless you’re family or were there at the time of the incident do not try to assume nor guess what happened. Regardless the situation, a mother just lost her son, and the last thing she needs is to be attacked by people who do not know what happened. My heart felt condolences are with you and your family . Although taken very young, take comfort that all he knew in his life was love. May he rest in peace.

  6. Aspen Rubenking

    Every one needs to back off with the negativity it was an accident no one knows what happened so don’t just go jumping to conclusions this is my very very very dear friend right now all she needs is support and love and prayers her baby boy is gone that is the point and it’s not her fault it’s no ones fault it’s called and accident for a reason.

  7. Aubrey Shae

    Heaven Le-Anne Paige we all know what am amazing mom you are! I envy you. Forget the haters they don’t know you. I think it’s sad everyone thinks they can parent YOUR children better than you

  8. Cindy Andersen

    People are so heartless. Nobody should even be commenting about what happened, even if they know the situation. It’s not their story to tell, if and when she wants to tell it is up to her. Let this poor family grieve without being attacked by the public.

  9. Sandy Knight

    You have my heart felt condolences, my heart goes out to this family, what a horrible accident. God bless in this heartbreaking time

  10. Sandy Knight

    You have my heart felt condolences, my heart goes out to this family, what a horrible accident. God bless in this heartbreaking time

  11. Anonymous

    I hope someone did screen shots on the comments that were made yesterday from the gabby gal that was in the E.R. If what she said was true, this mother/family/patient were violated. Your family is in my prayers as I cant imagine what you all must be going through. If there is anything at all your family needs or anything I can do to help… please pm me!

    • Kristin Childress-Jonker

      Obviously she realized she messed up with her comments… I’m just glad I’m not working in the ER anymore….. No WAY would I have been able to handle this…. Prayers for the family indeed!!!!! RIP little one ;(

    • Natalie Ball

      Right, I see they are deleted. If she was being honest though, the doctors tit is in a ringer…

    • Jadawn Gould

      I believe they were. Huge violation and not at all compassionate of the lady who posted the information.

  12. Kari Crane

    Was this a drowning or something else happened medically? Prayers to the family. I couldn’t imagine the hurt the mother has. Thinking about this family and hugging my little ones tighter tonight. Life is too dang short.

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