Archive 5 PM – Subject with a Weapon

At just after 5 PM Officers were advised by dispatch of a subject being held hostage by means of Firearm in the 1900 block of Pima Drive.

Officers began shutting down traffic at Riviera/Injo and Mimosa area. Also shut off at Pima below Riviera.

Officers arrived and advised a male subject ran out of the front of his residence. The officer arriving on scene saw a Red Truck with a Trailer leaving the scene and ordered other officers in the area to stop the vehicle. Vehicle was stopped at Riviera and South Palo. Officers found the vehicle registered to the RP. The RP advised officers that the suspect is heavily armed (long rifles).

Suspect information of a 54-year-old Harold Brown provided by dispatch to officers.

Incident then moved to TAC 1 (off of Havasu Scanner Feed audio).

Fire Battalion Chief came on and requested an engine come into the area and stage at 151 Riviera to stand by.

The new Police App advised citizens to remain out of the area.

Waiting for an update from LHCPD. As of 16 minutes ago, a post from Today’s News-Herald reports that the suspect is still inside and negotiations are underway.

During the 1 AM hour officers and Detectives were en route to the jail with one subject for booking which leads us to believe this was the suspect. All units cleared the scene. 

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