[ARCHIVE 11 PM] Disorderly / Barricaded Subject


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Several calls from an address on the 2700 block of McCulloch stating that a female broke out the window of another unit. The resident advised they have a bat and will protect their family if necessary.

FD Engine dispatched and advised to stage until “CODE 4”.

Officers arrived and the female ran back to her unit and barricaded herself inside, making a statement about getting a gun.

Additional backup officers assigned to the call and began shutting down traffic at Bluewater and McCulloch + Tradewind and McCulloch.

Officer updating that a Hispanic male left with a child. 2nd Child’s location unknown, may be in the apartment. The officer is requesting that any officer who sees the male to stop him as he is related to this call.

Officer advising that female is attempting to unlock the back window and is banging on it. Officer advising 1-1/2 year old and 3 year old child is inside the room. Officers attempting to make contact with the female via phone are getting her voicemail.

Evacuations of the apartment complex began.

Officer is advising that the male subject was at a family members house on Knobhill. Upon officer arrival, the male subject jumped the back fence and took off on foot towards Tigertale. Family stating they have the child, they said the male subject had a ripped shirt and was pretty scratched up – he would not advise them what occurred. Officers located the subject in the backyard.

Officers on this call moved to a different channel.

CPS was contacted.

Additional FD engine at 2:40 AM was assigned to stage with the other FD Engine already on scene. The first FD Engine cleared the call and went back in service at 2:45 AM.

PD made contact with the female.

Family was contacted at the Knobhill Drive address and requested that a member of the family respond to pickup the additional child.

CPS arrived on scene.

FD Engine was cleared from the scene. All PD Units clearing the call.

PD transporting the female to the jail.

Detectives/Investigators responded to the scene to process it.

Call was cleared in the 4 AM Hour.