Aggravated Assault On Teacher

Posted on Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 at 11:55 AM

The School Resource Officer at the High School called in a Physical Altercation in the J-Hall Area and requested backup as he was running to the incident. Backup arrived and they both called in “CODE 4”. The SRO then told Dispatch to label the call as “Aggravated Assault on a Teacher”.

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41 comments on “Aggravated Assault On Teacher”

  1. Jeremy Gordon Reply

    If it really is a special needs kid then jail is not necessary at all and all the rude comments about the kid are really wrong and you people should be ashamed of yourself for making such comments

    • Jeremy Gordon Reply

      I know a few people who have special needs Children. One kid is over thirty and let me tell you he can be a handful.

    • Rob McConnell Reply

      Don’t get your panties all bunched up,the original post doesn’t indicate it’s a special needs kid.

    • Shonda Cleveland Reply

      Just goes to show you how people jump to their own conclusion! So quick to judge…Kids need to be taught manners, or from J Hall to Juvenile Hall. What if it were your child WITH special needs? Would it still be something you’d Crack jokes at? I don’t know the details of what happened with this student. But I do know that if a child with special needs has a meltdown and is restrained by an aide chances are they’ll get physical! Do you realize that at the middle or highschool that a child with special needs would be arrested for assault? What if that was your child with special needs…how would you feel? Food for thought!

    • Mom Reply

      He is autistic, ADHD, has mild Mr, and retts. I appreciate you understanding.

  2. Teri Johnson Reply

    Everything is ok, thank you for the concerns. I’m the teacher of the class.

  3. Boss lady! Reply

    Teachers appreciation week was last week…..
    Don’t make it more…this week is nurses appreciation…..we deserve well wishes as well as secretaries….waitresses…bar tenders… tech workers …. and everyone I haven’t mentioned……no one profession is more important than another…..

    • Timmy Reply

      I disagree, a lot of professions are more important than others. Require greater skill, talent and motivation.

  4. Boss lady! Reply

    I truely feel sorry for our children and the next generation…..glad I won’t be around long enough to see them leed!


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