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Possible Injury Accident

Highway in front of Circle K at Desert Hills. Black Ford vs. Toyota with Airbag Deployment. Vehicles are blocking. MCSO on scene. FD and PD en route. RP is advising that the female is still in her vehicle, still very shaken up. Dispatch is advising the accident is a rear-end collision which occurred on the

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Roll-Over Vehicle Accident

PD and FD en route to Meadows and Palo Verde for a report of a rollover vehicle accident in which a Jeep Cherokee hit a mailbox before rolling. One occupant out walking around the vehicle. FD Engine arriving on scene stating vehicle is on it’s roof. All occupants appear to be out of the vehicle.

Memorial Day Hours for Lake Havasu City Municipal Services

In observance of Memorial Day, Monday, May 30, 2016: • Lake Havasu City business offices and Municipal Courts will be closed. • Police and Fire Departments will be on duty; however, administrative offices will be closed. • The Aquatic Center pool and Recreation offices will be closed. • Operations will be closed. • Havasu Mobility

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Suicidal Subject

Dispatch advised the Beat Officers that there was an 18-year-old male subject driving a Blue Honda Sinata traveling down HWY 95 southbound passing Mesquite that was making suicidal statements to the dispatch call-taker and stated he would fight officers if they got involved. The dispatch center then advised they were attempting to get him to

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Disorderly subject

Officer out on Sombrero in the 2500 block requesting backup for a disorderly subject. Two back up units en route Code 3 (lights and sirens). Officer has the subject detained. Backup unit officers reducing code.