Posted on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 at 8:32 PM

Lake Havasu City Police has reported this subject has been located.

Thank you everyone!

107 comments on “Located!”

  1. patricia Reply

    crap… she lives at the briawoods apt. she walks everywhere. ive stopped a few times an pulled over to give her water

  2. Barb Green Reply

    Thank gosh she was found…she’s really an icon in this town…everyone sees her walking, walking, walking. She’s always wears her flowery dresses. Sometimes you have to wait for her to cross the street because she just keeps going. Glad we can put a name to a face now.

  3. Painterz Reply

    I’m so very happy she’s has been found and she’s ok! I was just sick thinking she was missing! So happy

  4. Charlene Webb Reply

    Omg so glad they found Sabrina I live on the corner by her see her daily walking I always say hello what a pleasure to see her happy smile all the time hugs amen 🙏

  5. Bruno Hill Reply

    I think more should be done for this woman. I offered her a ride when she was out walking in 115 degree heat. No hat and prespiring profusely. She looked like she was ready to collapse. However, she was polite, responsive and friendly. I took her to her doorstep. And gave her a bottle of water. I also told her if I saw her out walking again I would offer to pick her up. She thanked me. I left her as she wsa opening up her door. I am releived beond words that she is ok.

  6. Destiny Reply

    Not sure if I understand….where was she? I also see her walk up and down my street daily. When did she go missing? Who takes care of her? Does she live in a group home or alone? Was she stuck somewhere that brought everyone to think she was missing?


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