5 Subjects In The Water (Topock Area)

Posted on Saturday, September 1st, 2018 at 8:22 PM


Seot 3 at 8am – The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Division of Boating Safety is continuing the search for the missing boaters after a boat collision that occurred on Saturday (9/1). One of the missing boaters was located in the Colorado River on Monday (9/3) at approximately 7:30 AM and was identified as Christine Lewis, 51 from California. At this time, the other 3 boaters are still missing. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office will continue to patrol the Colorado River until all the unaccounted for passengers are located. ​

Kirra Drury (pictured below) is one of the four missing, according to her parents.

Below is one of the two boats involved:

Info from another group.

The six on The Sleek Craft were from Hesperia
The Hallet had no lights according to the Step Mother, I was talking to, of a young lady on the Sleek Craft.
All passengers on the Sleek Craft were young adults being followed by a pontoon owned by the parents of the Step Daughter mentioned above.
All four missing are from The Hallet.

16 people 10 on one boat 6 on the other. 2 critical flown to Vegas. 1 man 3 ladies still missing. Recovery will continue until they are found.
Occupants of the boats were from outside of the area.

ORIGINAL PRESS RELEASE (overwrote our initial post)
On 9-1-18 at approximately 8:03 PM the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center received several 911 calls in reference to a boating crash on the Colorado River between Pirates Cove and the Topock Marina, north of Lake Havasu. Several callers advised that multiple people were in the water, there were multiple injuries, and several people were missing.

Units from the Mohave County Sheriffs Office Division of Boating Safety responded by water and land to the area. Upon their arrival it was determined that a Hallet boat occupied by 10 people, was northbound, and a Sleek Craft boat, occupied by 6 people, was southbound on the Colorado River between Pirates Cove and Topock Marina when they collided head on.

During the collision, all subjects from
both boats were ejected into the water, and both boats sank.

Several people were pulled from the water by passing boaters.

Deputies and an onboard AMR paramedic located a critically injured female that was in a good Samaritan’s boat. They were able to stabilize her, and transport her to shore. She was then flown from the scene to a hospital in Las Vegas in Critical condition.

Nine other people were transported to area hospitals by ambulance.

At this time, four occupants from the Hallet boat are still missing. Helicopters from Care Flight, Arizona DPS Air Rescue, and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department were deployed in the area shortly after the initial call, and were unable to locate any of the missing subjects.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department are conducting dive and search operations in the area of the crash. Please use caution in the area of the Topock Marina as dive and search operations are in progress. The river in this area maybe closed intermittently while searches are conducted.

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7 comments on “5 Subjects In The Water (Topock Area)”

  1. Tammy Reply

    When I first read on the feed about this accident I didn’t want to know the outcome of this tragedy because I knew it wasn’t going to be good!!! God Bless All Involved, The Survivors, The Missing, Their Families and Friends and For The Good Samaritans Thank God for all of you that were close enough to help🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 And to our Public Service People-All of Them-God Bless You for your hard work. My Prayers will continue until each missing is found🙏🏼💕

  2. #NoNeedForSpeed Reply

    As dark as it gets especially when there isnt much of a moon one why would one choose to go that fast with so many onboard?? Possibly alcohol involved no doubt due to how fast the one was traveling on the opposite side of the river. While the other boat was leisurely traveling from what witnesses said who Thankfully were in the vicinity to help.
    One bad judgement call and 15 innocent victims lifes turned upside down. That rivers current is so strong that it was said they found one female victim five miles up river from where the crash accured. Let this be one more for the books on how NOT to operate a boat. TAKE NOTICE AND LEARN!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL. AND PLEASE BOAT SAFELY!!! You dont need to go fast to enjoy the day/night on the river you just need to be smart!!!

  3. Prayers for the Occupants & Family Reply

    Hey, “No Need For Speed”… did you just say she was discovered five miles up-river? That’s impressive. They must have been going pretty fast.

    I send prayers to anyone involved with the accident. I am hopeful for the best outcome possible.

    • #NoNeedForSpeed Reply

      Thank You, I had meant to correct that last night. Pretty hard to do with the current flowing opposite direction. Regardless, I think we all knew what was meant, but thnx for pointing this out.

  4. Dayna blankenship Reply

    I have been going to the river for 45 yrs and I dont recall a tragedy like this. I know the river like the back of my hand and it is obvious that so many factors of negligence were involved. It is so easy to get caught up in the fun life on the river that caution is thrown to the wind. I feel so bad for all involved. 💔


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