3 or 4 vehicle accident

Posted on Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 at 1:48 PM

Passerby in the area of Jacob Row and HYW 95 reported seeing 3 or 4 vehicles involved in an accident in their rear-view mirror. Unknown extent of injuries.

PD en route.

FD en route.

MCSO is on scene advising there are injuries – unable to identify the type or amount of injuries.

Second ambulance requested to respond, Desert Hills Fire is also responding.

FD on scene, reporting Desert Hills is on fire.

Original Arriving Engine reporting that Engine 6 can cancel, keep on engine on scene with them to assist. Initial face-to-face with other emergency responders reporting that there are no injuries.

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10 comments on “3 or 4 vehicle accident”

  1. Deanna Pfleger Reply

    Southbound travel from mall is being diverted down lake to London bridge and over to no palo verde. Northbound to mall/airport is going through

  2. Chris Reply

    I saw this happen yesterday. The truck that was t boned was right next to me, I swerved I tot he emergency lane while it spun around. Barely missed me. I do have one small ding on my rocker panel. I thought I got away with no damage. The truck had to have missed me by inches.


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